Friday, April 9, 2010


Yes we are alive. Super busy:) Here is a little update -

Savannah is in soccer now, she loves it. Her first game is tomorrow and she is so psyched. Her coach told her she was aggressive and that made her beam.

Dechlin - Crazier everyday. Here is a conversation we had at Savannah's soccer practice:

Me: You can play on the playground while Savannah practices ok?
Dech: Ok...I am going to play with grils, they LOVE me.
Me: Oh they do?
Dech: Yes and they are going to KISS me
and then today he continued to tell us that grils are going to kiss him LOTs. In Michael's words, he thinks he already has game.

Jessa - FIRE kid. She has a major temper and when she is mad, the best thing to do is leave her alone. She especially gets irritated with Michael and will follow him around to yell at him to make sure she is understood. She is also super cute and makes me laugh when she yells. She LOVES to dance and sing. Any form of music she will start with a head bob and then follow with twirling, bouncing and bum shaking.

Michael and I are still doing school and busy with everyday mommy daddy things:)

I will post some pictures another day :)