Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I thought we were lucky......

So it has been along while since I have done any "blogging" I have had ideas and thoughts run through my head that I have wanted to post but no time! Imagine that:) But this is something that could not go unposted. Savannah took it upon herself to give herself a haircut. Now it looks kind of scary, but when it is brushed and even curled, it isn't half bad so we will just leave it be!
Michael refer's to her as Joeina Dirt
She cut mainly underneath layers so it is hidden a bit........

The pile of hair.......it looks smaller in this picture. Now you may ask how did this happen? Well I attribute it to a night of no sleep with a sick Dechlin. Having a movie on for the kid's and then falling asleep with Dechlin and Jessa. I do give her credit though, she used the hair cut scissors that are kept in the back of my drawer. I mistakenly thought she didn't know they were there. How very wrong I was!
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