Saturday, December 18, 2010


The Lord's promptings are clear,

I ask, plead for more time as the pathway appears.

He says it is to late,

We have work to do, things to bring to pass.

I bow my head,

put my hand in His, eyes closed.

So many emotions flood

each time released by the embrace of His hug.

Others look at me,

thinking I am alone going blindly.

I KNOW He is there,

things aren't always as they appear.

HE knows my heart,

And that is the most important part.

HE knows my pleadings,

He is the one who needs me.

HE knows my worries,

He is the one urging me to hurry.

HE knows my strifes,

He is the one guiding my life.

HE knows my fear,

He is the one wiping away my tears.

I keep moving with Faith,

my prayers being my interface.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hmmmm :) Want some news?

Oh my goodness :) So much to tell and I am not sure where to begin. I am normally a really detailed person, however I feel that you don't need all the details, but an update on my life is surely needed.

Mike and I have divorced. Not sure what else to say to that, except that it is for the best and my children and I have been blessed beyond our comprehension. it went really quickly, only 20 days, which is a record as far as I know. As many of you might know, we were separated 3 years ago for a few months. It has been a rough and good experience the last 3 years, but we just weren't ever able to completely repair things and he chose out. That is where all the blessings begin, on the day that I had to really make the choice of what to do, and tell him I was moving forward without looking back, something amazing happened.......

I met Steve :) Only the Lord could have placed this wonderful man in my life. We are like little kids and everything clicks. That first night we talked for 6 hours. (9 pm to 3 am) The next day we talked for 5 hours, and then text all day long, talk on the phone a few times after he gets off of work and then for a couple hours on video chat after the kids are in bed. Yes I still find time to clean my house and take care of kids, lol :)We figured out that after 3 weeks of talking, NOT including text messages and the 2 times we met in person, that we had been on 21 3 hour dates :) Then last weekend he was visiting, and did the math and figured out that everything in 7 weeks added up to be a good 2 year relationship... lol :) He lives in Colorado, so we are SO GRATEFUL for technology! (Kips song I love technology, our song:))

My parents love him, and heard wedding bells the first time we met. And if any of you know my dad, he is usually not that easy to impress, especially by a guy that is dating his daughter. He LOVES and adores my kids, and they love him. Jessa walks around all day asking " Where's Steve?" And when they are with him, they warm up to him, cuddle and play with him and he soaks in every second. They haven't felt so much love in a long time.

SO....... this brings me to something crazy.... we are engaged!!! I know it is crazy, and trust me I have had my doubts :( ( he is SO kind and patient and understanding... seriously he is a guy off of a romance movie/book in real life) However, I have had numerous confirmations by the Spirit that this is right. My mom always tells me, After the trial of your Faith cometh the blessings. I want to share this with you because of how blessed I truly am, and I know it.

We always comment on how this is a fairy tale, which is so amazing.

Love you all!

Oh and here is the ring :) hehehehe