Saturday, November 7, 2009

Children's Words

I asked the kid's what they were thankful for today, and Dechlin said " Jesus Christ".

Savannah told me her head hurt from crying because it gives her an infection in her brain.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I started to smell this awful smell, I thought it was my scentsy going funny, but when I opened the dishwasher this is what I found.....

It had fallen, somehow through the mascarade of dishes and landed on the heating element....
And then when the heated dry time came, that was the end of the poor spoon...........

And my dishwasher still stinks..
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Here are my monsters :) Michael was MR. Clean, but it was cold for the trunk o treat, so he wore a long sleeve shirt underneath..
My SCARY witch...she loves it so much..
This is my dear mother-in-law. She was so cute. She is wearing her wedding dress, I thought it was so neat!!
I had so much fun taking my little buddies trick or treating!! I wanted to keep going to houses because I loved hearing Dechlin's deep voice and giggling at him because he wouldn't let people put the candy in his bucket. They had to put it in his hand, I think he was afraid of someone taking his precious bucket. Savannah was so into it, she would yell as loud as she could, even before the people could get the door open. My little Jess had a cold halloween night so she stayed in the car, but she will have so much fun next year!! I just love my family!
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Just the cutest

Jessa is walking all over the place. She took her first steps at 9 1/2 mths and never stopped. Now she will be 1 year old in a month.Where has my little baby gone?
I loved her in this hat...

She loved playing with the buckets...I can't believe she is so big!!
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