Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some More!

So I receive emails from the Rapid Eye Institute. RET Technicians are able to use the mailing list to send out useful information to everyone approved by the Institute. one came through yesterday talking about a special pricing for Dr. Christopher's Master Herbology courses. 100 dollars for the introductory course and if you continue your education only 130.00 per level!! I was so excited I couldn't take it. so I signed up today and am on my way to fulfilling a dream that started five years ago. So I will be able to assist others more efficiently with information that has saved me and my family more money than I can count! (And we are so much more healthy!!) 

I am also so excited because this is what I want my company to be about.....Health in Abundance. Combining herbs, oils, Natural products, RET and Yoga. All of these things reach us on all levels of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  My goal is to assist people get rid of the old 'BAGGAGE' and create a life that enables them to be closer to our Father in Heaven and I am getting a fantastic start!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

He knows........

This may be long, but I hope worth it...........

I think most of you know that I do a small part part time job from home answering emails and so forth.  I also havea passion for health and fitness, healing arts  such as yoga, essential oils and energy therapies. This is partly what my job entails and I have learned so much from it. I am becoming more involved with the essential oils and my desire to be more educated grows every day.  This is not the meat of this post, but I feel an important precursor. 

I have been having some experiences, some not so pleasant, impressing upon my mind to quit my job. Financially we would be ok, but have grown accustomed to having this extra income if you know what I mean. I have struggled back and forth on knowing if this is the right thing to do. I talked to Michael and he has been supportive of me. I thought then maybe not completely quitting but to lessen my hours. (I only work maybe 2 hours a day, so I don't think it would make that much difference.)

So I was really struggling, knowing I want to further my education else where and become really involved with opportunities presenting themselves to me. I struggled with knowing how Michael and I would reach certain goals we set but I wanted so much more to have more time with my children. To be able to just hold Jessa, have some one on one time with Savannah and Dechlin. I haven't been able to do that because I am always busy meeting a deadline of some sort, whether it is feeding Jessa, working or cleaning. The only time I took to just sit was when I should have been doing something else and then everything backing up on me.

So after many prayers, and my own thoughts clouding Heavenly Father's response, I asked my dad for a blessing. I talked with my parents for 3 hours before I received the blessing but I received so much from them. They give great counsel, always have. My dad was really concerned about me being depressed, which I have watched myself and fit a lot of the signs, but knew it was only because something needed to go. I wanted to quit my job before Jessa was born, but knew it wasn't right then.  I since have received a fantastic calling that does require a bit of time, but is totally worth it.

Anyway, my blessing talked about a number of things and told me to follow my inspirations, to pursue my education and I knew I had to quit. So I made the choice not knowing what was going to lay ahead. It felt good and I knew the Lord loved me and was watching me. 

My mom and I went to the gym this morning to a Yoga class. It felt so good to be there, then as we were leaving I was expressing to her my thoughts and feelings about desiring to become a Yoga Instructor. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and have known the place I wanted to do it for a year and a half.

Well I came home, and kept putting off working, then I finally decided to come in and work but checked my email first. As soon as I logged in, a new email came from It's Yoga Utah (the place I want to go to) The email said FREE yoga teacher training. Contact for details. It hit me so hard, that Heavenly Father was manifesting to me that He does know me and my desires, that I made the right choice in quitting my job, that there are things ahead for me that are great. I don't know if receiving the free training is what His will is for me, but I know He is looking out for me, each one of us. It takes that step of Faith into the dark, but He is always there to show us the way. 

I felt such a huge release and just cried my heart was so full of joy and thanksgiving to remember that I am never forgotten, and neither are you.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amazing Gift

I found this too, it is from when she was in the hospital with RSV. There is just something in her eyes that speaks so much and fills me with so much you feel it?
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Black Mail

I was looking through my pictures and found this and HAD to share. Poor little Dechlin, if he ever wants to do something bad I have this to keep him good. Silly little kids! :)
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Friday, April 17, 2009

All grown up!! :(

So my little baby rolled over yesterday!!! From her front to back and it didn't take very long. A few seconds literally. She doesn't get a whole lot of time on the floor due to her big brother sitting or laying on her. So when I put her down she sat there and started leaning. She almost went over right away but it scared her so she corrected herself really fast and then she kind of just threw herself over figuring out that it was how to get off of her stomache. Smarty Pants!! Then she finally ate her first serving of cereal today! I have tried a few times before but she didn't really take to it. And she has been sleeping in her crib for a little over a week. Michael didn't want to put her in right away because we don't have any baby monitors but I finally just did it and she has been great! I can't believe how big she is getting and so fast. I feel that I just had her and she is now 4 1/2 months old. What am I going to do? Just enjoy I guess. I love you so much my little Jessa Face!!
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