Saturday, January 3, 2009

My goals...

Hey everyone! 

With the New Year and resolutions being made, I have decided that for me I am going to change the way I participate in our Club. Elisa and I talked about it a little and I liked it and made some changes for myself. First read this email I got in my work email:

I’ve felt compelled to share an epiphany that I had the other day.  I was in the shower (where a lot of my deep thinking occurs) contemplating the changes that I have gone through and the breakthroughs that I have made in the past year.  And I was intending to set a New Years resolution for the coming year.


I recalled that I had always felt that something was missing in my life, but like most of us, I didn’t know what it was.  I then reviewed the past year and realized that most of the progress in my spiritual development occurred after I had released and let go of something.  It may have been a belief, a past trauma, fear, forgiveness, or anything that was holding me back and keeping me from progressing; from raising my vibration to a higher level of love and understanding. 


So my epiphany was that there was never anything missing in my life, but that something had been in the way.  And when I let go of whatever it was, I had a clearer remembrance of who I really was – a spiritual being having a physical experience; an aspect of God exploring this physical realm.


 It was eye-opening for me as I grasped the concept of remembering – remembering the reason for this journey, rather than searching for that “magic” something that “must be missing”.  And I realized that the remembrance has always been within me, but that there was just a lot of junk in the way.


So my anti-New Year’s resolution is to not set a goal to add anything to my life, or try to find what’s missing, but to release whatever is in the way, and to let my inner wisdom flow naturally.  And I challenge you to do the same!


Whether you are family, a friend, a client, or someone that has attended one of my Emotional Freedom and Channeling workshops or retreats, I send you my love and best wishes for the New Year.  And I encourage each of you to focus on releasing whatever stands in the way of your happiness – because there is nothing missing in your life, but perhaps there is something in the way.



Jay Dee Kramer


“Embrace the Mystery”

So with that being said, I am going to change my focus on my health and eating. It is going to decrease in a sense. Eating is a lifestyle, and I have heard and believe that if 80 - 90 percent of what you eat is healthy then the other 10 -20 percent doesn't matter. That is how I am going to base my points, and then also my exercising points each day. I am not going to write my food that I ate, but the goals I reached and whether I got my points. My focus will be on the things I am doing for my benefit and increasing them. Not on what I need to avoid. 

I am letting go of the thought pattern of everything needing to be 100% healthy or I fail

I am letting go of guilt for eating things that are less healthy for my body.

I am letting go of emotional eating

I am letting go of all the thought patterns that create guilt and feelings of low worth connected to my body and food.

I am letting go of and releasing every pattern of guilt and self sabotage

Here are my food and exercise habits for the month of January:

Good source of Protein in every meal

64 + ounces Water every day

A form of Vegetable with every dinner

Exercise 3 times every week

They say that if you can do something for 21 days, that it becomes a habit. So, my goals for each month will automatically roll over and be continued, I will just earn my points with new habits.

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