Saturday, May 9, 2009

Any idea's ??

So little Jessa's second tooth is now through. So cute! My issue is this, she has been decent at taking a bottle in the past, not her favorite but she has done it and been good for my mom. Last week my mom was watching her while I was at mutual and she WOULD NOT take a bottle!! I thought maybe becuase her teeth were trying to come through and she hadn't felt good ( poor goopy eyes) But to no avail, she will not take a bottle or her binky anymore. Thats it, she is done and gets mad before it even touches her mouth. I don't know what to do, I have tried a Nuk bottle, no luck, and of course the bottles she used to take, Soothie. (that is the only binky she would take) I really would love for her to take a bottle so that she could stay home with daddy at times as well as let me go to girl's camp!! Any ideas, thoughts, experiences, impressions guidance??? Anything? Please share!! And also pray that she will start again.........(important note: it is always breast milk, no formula)

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Gwen said...

Have you tried having someone other than you give it to her? I think that eventually she'll get hungry enough that she'll eat anything. Bottle or not.