Saturday, December 18, 2010


The Lord's promptings are clear,

I ask, plead for more time as the pathway appears.

He says it is to late,

We have work to do, things to bring to pass.

I bow my head,

put my hand in His, eyes closed.

So many emotions flood

each time released by the embrace of His hug.

Others look at me,

thinking I am alone going blindly.

I KNOW He is there,

things aren't always as they appear.

HE knows my heart,

And that is the most important part.

HE knows my pleadings,

He is the one who needs me.

HE knows my worries,

He is the one urging me to hurry.

HE knows my strifes,

He is the one guiding my life.

HE knows my fear,

He is the one wiping away my tears.

I keep moving with Faith,

my prayers being my interface.

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