Monday, December 27, 2010


Christmas was so wonderful this year! We were so blessed by the generosity of others, going above and beyond. I got everything done and loose ends tied up by December 23rd, which I thought was good, no last minute stuff this year:) And I was dying to give my kids their stuff. I did give them a gift early, and that was a pair of snow boots for all of them. Savannah kept saying how happy she was, and then came to me and said she was about to cry. When I asked her why, she said " because you made me SO happy" I was a puddle at her feet, what an angel.

I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven, for giving us the gift of His Son's life. It is my quest to become more like Him each day, and to create a deeper connection with Him and come to know His true character. I know He lives, my lif
e is evidence of that!

Here are some pics... enjoy!!!

We started off with breakfast this year instead of dinner for our family party
I love this picture.... My Grandma Reva and sister Tonia

One happy happy little boy with his "baby" gun. He is SO excited to go hunting "bad lion's!" with Steve :)

My mom's casket...aka her cedar chest she has been waiting for forever :) My dad is a very talented man!


Mykell said...

I am glad that you guys had an awesome Christmas!!! I hope life keeps getting better and better!! I love ya!!

Lauri said...

That's hilarious that you forgot the lights first! Literally "laughed out loud"!