Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chocolate and the Gospel

For our new beginnings in YW's we are using the theme of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So for mutual we watched it with the girls. They don't know why, but we were all watching for ideas and it is so amazing how many things are comparable to the Gospel. I compared each of the rooms and experiences with the 8 values (there are now 8 this year...Virtue is gold) Let me jot my notes for you:

Coat room, waiver, and room with no apparent exit: Faith

" There are surprises around every corner but nothing dangerous" To me these first few experiences were like when we chose to come to earth. We had faith we would be able to stick to the agreements made. We might get nervous and say "there is no way out"  and the Lord will reply "are you sure?" And where we least expect it the door opens for us. Nothing is what it seems. As we continue to have faith in him, the hall might seem to narrow but by being believing another door opens into a whole new world of Knowledge.

Chocolate Room: Knowledge

"Come with me into a world of imagination" The Lord invites us to "feast" on His knowledge. Gain an education, "everything is edible". Be careful of what "knowledge" you induldge in as it may make you "sick". Everyone commented on the "dirty river" not knowing it was chocolate. How often do people believe that the gospel and it's rules aren't good for them before they even know what it is?

Boat in the dark Tunnel: Choice and Accountability

Chaos can be and is all around us. We can choose to partake of it, complain about it or enjoy our lfe's journey. Choosing to be happy with ourselves won't take the trials away but will make the outside influences seem lesser and although we may not see or know where we are going, we know we are choosing the Lords path.

Secret Invention Room: Divine Nature

This is where all of Wonka's best kept secrets are kept and the ones he hasn't quite perfected. No one else has them such as our individula talents and qualities. Continue to develop them and share with others.

Bubble Room: Integrity

Although mistakes are made forgiveness is always there. Charlie and his Grandpa reestablished their integrity by being honest at the end and choosing to " keep their feet on the ground from now on"

Golden Eggs: Good Works

There are good eggs and bad eggs. Veruca Salt was a bad egg because she wanted everything for herself and didn't want anyone else to have anything. The Geese were were working hard giving a service without any special compensation. A bad aegg is also service done with only the intent of recieving a reward.

T.V. Room: Individual Worth

Don't allow the world to brake you down into little peices and then leave you smaller than you were originally created. Stand firm in who you are.

Willy Wonka's Office: Virtue

Virtue pretty much sums everything up. If you are virtueous, honest, repentant you receive the greater reward. Charlie knew that he had "forfeited all" by drinking the fizzy drink, and still chose to give up the 10,000 by giving the everlasting gobstopper back. In return he recieved the entire Wonka Factory.we receive our mansions that have been prepared. We Won!!!

Slugworth was of course Satan, tempting us with powers and evils for a small amount of so called happiness to give up our mansions.

I don't know if I am stretching any of this, but it really hit me last night as we were preparing this for our girls. So if you have nothing else to do, watch the movie and see what you might be inspired with!


Gwen said...

I never would have thought about all that for YW. I'm sure you are so great with them. You're awesome!

Jules said...

wow Kerissa, Thats awsome! I don't think you stretched it one bit! Everything made perfect sense!!