Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mike's Seasoned Heaven

Last night,  after being told I had to stay at my parents until I was told I could leave, I receive this text message;

 " This is a complimentary text message confirming your reservation at Mike's Seasoned Heaven. Thank you for dining at our fine establishment. And remember to enjoy yourself!"

I was really excited, I told my "host" that I made those reservations in my dreams and he didn't really get it..oh well, I did. So I was told to pull in the "driveway" and wait to be escorted in to the afore mentioned establishement. We walked in and it was dark with Jack Johnson playing softly in the background. There were 2 plates, 2 glasses and a candle on the table. I took my seat and was served a most delicious serving of a Mike original. Chicken, potatoes, greenbeans and rotel tomatoes fried in a Wok to perfection! Then after our meal, we danced in the center of the " dining area" our kitchen.

We were going to go to Cold Stone for desert but I was feeling a bit cold so we decided to go to WalMart and get one of their bakery's brownies (Michael's Favorite) They didn't have any so we found frozen brownie batter, vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. We went to my parents, made the brownies and had an early VDay treat with the kids and grandma and grandpa.

I know it was really simple...but that is my style and totally romantic. I have to say, last night was the best Valentine's day ever for me!

Love you Michael! Thank you for a great night and making me feel so special!


Heather said...

What a sweetheart! It sounds like the most amazingly romantic day--how wonderful (and well deserved)!

Gwen said...

That is SO romantic. I'm totally jealous.

Mykell said...

I'm jealous too Aaron would never do that for me even if I had dropped a few hints. Maybe you could send Mike over to give a few lessons to our husbands. That has always been my dream date night.