Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A bit from Santa Clause.........Of course Michael's stocking is the one with the package of Oreos!!
Our fun tree.....
My cute cowgirl...dressed up ad ready to go!
My baby Jessa and her stocking:)

For those of you who wanted to see a bit of our Christams......I know it is late!!! Oh well, Enjoy!
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Jules said...

oh, I am so glad you are posting more on here! I love your christmas pics!! Especially the one with baby Jessa next to her stocking!
I love Dechlins "new ride", and the "Stud".
What a fun Christmas!

Melissa said...

better late than never!!! Savannah is such a little doll face. She is going to be the cutest little mouse and you guys, I mean Michael, will have to fight the boys off with a stick!

Gwen said...

I'm glad you finally got this posted. I love seeing your kids. Want to get together for a play date? The boys still ask about Savannah.